Sunday, November 6, 2011

C Programming Under Linux in C programming language

How is C under Linux any different than C under DOS or C under Windows? Well, it is same as well as different. It is same to the extent of using language elements like data types, control instructions and the overall syntax. The usage of standard library functions is also same even though the implementation of each might be different under different OS. For example, a printf( ) would work under all OSs, but the way it is defined is likely to be different for different OSs. The programmer however doesn’t suffer because of this since he can continue to call printf( ) the same way no matter how it is implemented

But there the similarity ends. If we are to build programs that utilize the features offered by the OS then things are bound to be different across OSs. For example, if we are to write a C program that would create a Window and display a message “hello” at the point where the user clicks the left mouse button. The architecture of this program would be very closely tied with the OS under which it is being built. This is because the mechanisms for creating a window, reporting a mouse click, handling a mouse click, displaying the message, closing the window, etc. are very closely tied with the OS for which the program is being built. In short the programming architecture (better known as programming model) for each OS is different. Hence naturally the program that achieves the same task under different OS would have to be different.

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